hey there, it's the weird aalekto! my weird interests are not even countable: photography, travelling, cooking, design, fashion, foreign languages, history and blablablasoforthforever. i love cinnamon, vanilla, macabre stuff, elves and trolls. music? yes! mostly metal, rock, blues, folk, industrial/EBM. i'm pretty outgoing so if you want to know me better just go for a chat 'cause i can't write everything about me here in this little form. for any job offers, layouts requests and for all concerning my works please e-mail me.
special thanks to my white laptop. haha.
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Hello dear,
Glad to meet you.
Can we establish a sincere relationship with Love and Trust.?
I am Miss lilian by name.
My search ended after i come across your profile; How about you ending yours? I hope you get in contact?
Write me direct to my e-mail id (lilianbaby58@ymail.com). I will send you my pictures and introduce myself more to you.
Yours eternal,
Miss Lilian.

By liliylo on Feb 18, 2012 7:38 pm · History


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